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The Tool Box

Here you'll find information about useful tools for translators.
At the bottom of this page you'll find links to companies that produces tools for translators.
Click the program icons if you want to download one of the shareware
programs. Information about how to register them is in one of the files.



    This program is a fast and versatile text search utility for Microsoft Windows. It can search both text and binary files using either ordinary words or GREP-like regular expressions. Searches can be across multiple drives over networks or can be restricted to a single directory if so desired. Files can be viewed either with their associated application or with the program's own internal viewer.

    • How to use

      I have placed all my glossaries in sub directories for the different projects and areas in a main directory. Examine is best used searching file types like *.doc, *.txt, *.csv and other text files. It doesn't work that well when searching file types like *.xls and *.rtf. Examine tends to crash more often during searches in those types of files. To avoid this I save all files I want to make available for searches as text files. I have arranged the glossary files so I first search in the glossaries that are specific for the project. If there are no matches I extend the search to general glossaries. I estimate that this program speeds up my work with around 25 percent. It is also great for searching reference material.

    Lingo 2.0

    The demo version of Lingo 2.0, a Windows 3.1/95 program designed specifically to help translators create and manage bi-lingual translation glossaries.
    • How to use

      Before I found Lingo I created glossaries by entering words in Notepad as I went along. The same applies for Lingo, but there is also a search function and you can import and export glossaries in text format. A very useful and easy-to-use tool!

    For additional information or if you wish to receive the program by post please contact Lexicool.
    More information about Lingo is now available at Julia Emily Software.
    You can also read an article by Keith Moffitt, published in The Linguist (UK, Summer 98).


    Wordfast is a Translation Memory engine available for Microsoft Word on PC and Mac. Not really shareware anymore, but still much cheaper than other CAT tools. Read the comparison between CAT tools regarding functionality and price. There are a lot of mailing lists with discussions on WordFast.
    Also check out the +TOOLS that are supplied for free.


    Find Shell and Terms Management Macro Kit for MS Word for Windows. This advanced macro is written by freelance English to Hungarian translator Tibor Krnyei. Read his own article.

    The macro kit is used by a number of translators and agencies. Their suggestions, as well as some ideas found in similar programs or on translators' mailing lists like Lantra-L have been incorporated. WordFisher helps translators using MS Word for Windows in managing their glossaries effectively and searching in any documents, e.g., in their previous translations. The macro can search in user-defined groups of files for two text patterns connected with And / Not/ Or operators. It generates a hit list containing all the paragraphs where the patterns have been found.

    Online Tools

    Text Analyzer

    Free text analysis tool that provides information on the readability and complexity of a text, as well as statistics on word frequency and character count. Just paste the text into the box and click the button.


  • Alki Software
    Alki Software specializes in products that make Microsoft Office - and particularly Microsoft Word - easier to use. From Microsoft Proofing Tools in a variety of languages to our critically acclaimed MasterWord(r) package, we have what you need to work better and more efficiently.
  • Babylon - your personal translator
    Babylon will make it possible to translate words and expressions on your screen from English to your own language with just one click of the mouse.
  • ClipMate
    ClipMate enhances the native clipboard functionality by remembering all items (both text and graphic) that are copied to the clipboard and storing them in "collections" for later pasting into other applications.
  • Cognitive Technology Corporation
    Information about the OCR software, Cuneiform OCR, for business and home use. You can download full working versions of the software for evaluation from here. Support for several languages.
  • Convert Doc
    'Convert Doc' (CD) is a document conversion utility. Converts thousands of files with a variety of file types located within many folders in a short period of time.
  • Dj Vu
    Translation memory tool for professional translators.
  • DicoMaker
    Terminology Management Software for Translators. From Dalix Software.
  • dtSearch
    Text search, text retrieval, search engine.
  • Electric Editors
    Macro library.
  • Ergane
    Ergane 2.0 is a Freeware Windows programme written by Gerard van Wilgen that can translate single words and short expressions from one language to another by using Esperanto as an intermediate language.
  • Julia Emily Software
    Products for translators (Lingo 2.0 Translator's Assistant, Lexik Bilingual glossaries, etc) by Sebastian Abbo.
  • Funduc
    Search & Replace is a versatile text search and replace utility.
  • Handy! Glossary
    Glossary Manager for writers, translators, editors, students, etc.
  • Logiciels & Services Duhem
    Utilities for reading Mac discs on a PC.
  • MonoConc for Windows
    MonoConc for Windows (MfW) is a new concordance program designed for use by linguists, language teachers and students. The program is very easy to use; it is possible to start searching for words and phrases immediately without having to configure the program first. Those who are experienced concordance users will find that the program offers the functionality and flexibility they need through a variety of configurable options. You can also download a demo.
  • MtScript
    MtScript is a multi-lingual text editor that enables using several different writing systems (Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) in the same document.
  • NavSearch
    NavSearch is a local index search engine that allows the user to index text and html files stored in specific directories, which enables them to perform fast, powerful, boolean supported keyword searches anytime to easily locate needed documents.
  • Nisus Software Inc. Home Page
    Word processor for Macintosh, Nisus Writer.
  • Personal Glossary for MS Word
    A free glossary tool developed by Jacopo Della Croce di Dojola.
  • PractiCount & Invoice
    A word and line counting and invoicing program for freelance translators, translation and localization agencies.
  • Pretty Good Privacy Home Page
    Encryption tool.
  • RC-WinTrans
    RC-WinTrans is an interactive Language Translator for Windows Resource Script Files (RC) from Visual Software.
  • SDLX
    CAT tool from SDL.
  • Star
    Software Translation Artwork Recording. Translation software.
  • STAR Transit
    CAT tool from STAR AG.
  • Synthema
    Various software packages for translators.
  • System Quirk
    Language Engineering Workbench version 2.1, now free. System Quirk is a flexible package of integrated tools for building and managing term bases.
  • T4T
    A new generation of software for professional translators. All of the T4T productivity tools have been tested in real-world applications. They are extremely simple and intuitive to use and all run within the familiar Microsoft Word environment on PCs and Macs alike.
  • TextCount for Windows
    A tool for translators, journalists and all people who need to know the exact amount of words, lines or pages of an electronic document. Demo version available.
  • Text Finder version 2.6
    Text Search, Retrieval, Find Text String.
  • Trados Home Page
    TRADOS develops and markets tools for professional translators.
  • Translation Experts Ltd.
    Has developed Word Translator for Macintosh and Windows.
  • Translation Office 3000
    Translation Office 3000 is an accounting tool for freelance translators and small translation agencies.
  • Translator's Office Manager
    Another administrative tool.
  • Translation Productivity Tools
    Language Partners International (LPI).
  • Transmaster
    Nifty program for quick translations frm English to Swedish by Kent Carlsson.
  • Trident Software
    Developer of multilingual machine translation software.
  • WebBudget
    A software tool that locates, classifies and counts all translatable text in an Internet file, including all ALT, BUTTON, META, JAVA, and MSGBOX labels. It also counts entire projects (folders + subfolders), from disk or online. Download demoversion.
  • Word Magic Translation Software
    Tools specifically for English/Spanish.
  • WordWeb English thesaurus/dictionary
    Freeware. New features include:
    * Windows 95 version. Use on its own or from MS Word 7/ Lotus Word Pro.
    * Improved keyboard interface - you no longer need to use the mouse.
    * New macros to use it from Word 2, Ami Pro, Word 7 and Word Pro.
    * Various bug fixes and cosmetic improvements.

    Information on Various Tools

  • Translation Tools
    Denis Pleic has compiled a list over free tools.

    More Links to Tools

  • Yamada Language Guides
    Fonts and other language related links.
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