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Sorry! This page is no longer being updated!!!

    What's New?

    A new address! From now on the address to this page is www.ceciliafalk.com. In fact this old page was not meant to end up at this new address. Instead a new and completely updated page was supposed to show up here, but then the old server was taken out of service.
    Anyway, the new page will hopefully appear soon!

                        1 April, 2008

    The page Bits and Pieces has been removed and replaced by Information för blivande översättare (Swedish only page with information for aspiring translators). The guestbook has also been removed as there was so much automatic junk and spam coming in.

    Another all Swedish page has also been added, Lathund för arvodesberäkning for calculating remuneration for translation of fiction into Swedish.

                        18 February, 2006

    There are some new interesting links in The Tool Box.
    The page Mailinglists and Newsletters has been updated with a new section with newsletters.
    As many may have noticed these pages are a bit hard to read in Internet Explorer. That is because I prefer to use the Norwegian web browser Opera.

                        27 October, 2004

    There is a new, interesting section on Svenska sidan (only in Swedish) called Kontrollera potentiella uppdragsgivare with some information about how you can find out more about a potential client before you accept an assignment. Some of these are links to mailinglists (see below).
    There does not seem to exist any news groups anymore (or am I wrong?) Anyway, the page Mail/news is updated with information about various mailinglists for translators.
    New links are marked so you can find them easily.
                        19 October, 2004

    It is unfortunately a very long time since I had time to update the pages, but today I have checked all the pages and hopefully removed all broken links. Next is adding new links.
                        10 September, 2004

    Unfortunately I have not had time to update the pages for a very, very long time, but hopefully I have managed to remove most of the broken links now. The next step is to add new links...
                        29 January, 2003

    Hopefully I have now managed to remove all broken links. The biggest news is the new page Info for aspiring translators . Unfortunately this page is still only available in Swedish. But there are quite a few new links on the rest of the pages also.
                        12 March, 2001

    It is actually exactly one year ago today since I last updated the pages properly, and I apologise. Now I have analysed the whole web site and removed practically all links that didn't work. The next step will be to add new links. Thank you all of you who has pointed out that the pages havn't been up to date for a while. I have had a lot of help from all your e-mails today. I have also changed the colors to show that something major has happened at last;-)
                        7 September, 2000

    Thank you for all the e-mail with information about broken links. Please keep up the good work and let me know. Today I've checked all the links and removed all links that return "Page not found". I have not removed all links to servers that didn't respond, though, in case the servers are just down temporarily, so there are still som links that doesn't work.
    I have also updated the pages with links to other translators and companies. Didn't your page make it? If your home page only consists of a CV or contact information, please register in Aquarius database instead.
    Some links have disappeared, but there are plenty of more to replace them. Hopefully I will soon have time to check my archive with interesting links also.
                        7 September, 1999

    It has been a while (to say the least) since the pages were last updated and there are unfortunately a number of broken links (as so many of you have been kind enough to inform me, thank you!). My plan is to update the site as soon as possible, if worst comes to worst during my holidays. Today I have added an enhancement to the site, though. It is an internal search feature. This enables you to quickly search for information within the web site.
    I receive a lot of mail asking for advice for aspiring translators. Unfortunately I have not had time to answer all, but I can recommend a visit to Alex Eames page with information for aspiring translators .
    Have a nice summer!
                        18 June, 1999

    Now I've finally gone through all my bookmarks and e-mails with link information. There are a couple of gems among the new links. I would like to specially recommend Manon Bergeron's excellent resource page and DMD - Freelance Translators.
    Among all the e-mail I found several that I haven't answered, mainly with questions about how to become a translator. Unfortunately I just don't have time to answer all the questions that I receive. As I have mentioned before I am planning to compile a FAQ in this subject, but I haven't had time to do that either.
    Just today it has come to my attention (via Norskjal) that translators can stay for free in special centres around the world for a couple of weeks. This sounds exciting and I am looking into this at the moment.
                        25 February, 1999

    My pages have been shamefully neglected by me for the last six months and so far there are only new entries on the page Translators with Home Pages. Hopefully I will get time for some more updating shortly.
                        18 November, 1998

    Now the Guestbook has been updated...
                        23 February, 1998

    Most of the broken links have now been removed or updated. I apologise if I have managed to remove any active links by mistake. Please send me a message and let me know if that is the case.
    I would also like to take the opportunity to apologise to all of you who have sent me questions about becoming a translator for not answering. As I have mentioned before I am planning to compile a FAQ with the answers to the most common questions, but I have lots of plans and to little time...
                        22 February, 1998

    Lots of work and moving. That's the reasons why it has taken me so long to update my web site this time. But here it is, with a lot of new entries under Translators with Home Pages, Companies & Organisations, and The Guestbook. Furthermore I have made some changes concerning the layout, including narrowed columns to make longer text blocks easier to read. And by the way, don't miss the thrilling outcome of the Hair Style Competition.
                        13 November, 1997

    Well, that was quick! Only three days since the last update! There are quite a few new interesting links in The Tool Box. Also some new glossaries under Language Links and (for the Swedish) on the Svenska sidan. I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to Susan Larsson, USA, who keeps everybody on the mailinglist Lantra-L informed about new glossaries on the net. All I have to do is copy them to my pages. Clever, isn't it!

                        9 June, 1997

    Many ask me how on earth I manage to maintain my pages and earn a living as a translator at the same time. The simple answer is that I don't. That is why it has been three months since the last update. I have difficulties keeping up with the steady flow of link tips -- pages have to be checked and updates organised. So for the moment you'll have to content yourself with news on the following pages: Translators with Home Pages, Companies and Organisations, and The Guestbook.
    Those of you who keep an eye on what's going on at Lantra-L knows that I am planning to create a page with macros by and for translators. I already have some good material for the page, but I suspect I won't get around to create the page until after the summer.
    Yes, and then there was the hair voting ... The votes still keep pouring in and now there is a clear leader. Be patient! You'll soon know!

                        6 June, 1997

    I've performed a substantial face lift on the first page and I think it is more well-arranged now. What do you think?

                        10 March 1997

    There are quite a few new links on all the pages. If you've seen The Sound of Music a thousand times you shouldn't miss the information on the page Bits and Pieces.

    The result of the vote for a hair style will be published at the next update. At first my favourite coiffure got most of the votes, but lately one of the others has taken the lead.

    D ecember 1 last year I mentioned some of the reasons for not adding links to all pages I receive information about. Let me elaborate a bit: Some pages only contain brief information about the translator/company in question. Personally I think these pages are boring and uninspired/uninspiring. I think a lot of people overestimate the value of being present on the Net, no matter what. Furthermore I don't believe companies (translators) necessarily attract new customers just because they have a web page. On the other hand I believe that an interesting and substantial web page attracts a certain attention that could lead to useful contacts and, eventually, to new customers. Moral: Translators are creative people. Don't hide that fact! (I hurry to add that lots of the pages are entertaining, interesting and highly personal.)

                        7 March, 1997

    First I would like to apologise for the absence of my pages for a few days. I sincerely hope all problems have been solved now, but I hope you be indulgent towards the fact that the pages might be slightly unstable for a while. Unfortunately the address has now been changed (www2.sbbs.se), which means that subscriptions for e-mail messages when the pages are updated from URL-minder probably has to be cancelled. If you still want to get e-mail when the pages have changed you will have to fill out the form at the top of the pages again. If you start receiving error messages from URL-minder that states that the pages no longer exists, follow the instructions in the message from URL-minder on how to cancel the service: Go to URL-minder cancellation page and submit the cancellation code from the error message..

                        27 February 1997

    A new year! Welcome back, or welcome for the first time. I am desperately trying to find time to investigate all links of interest for translators, and there seems to be an endless amount of links out there. If you know of a link that ought to be here you are more than welcome to send me an e-mail. I read all the mail I get, but unfortunately I don't always have time to answer. To avoid falling behind to much I have now done a quick update. Some time before the year 2000 there will be a major update.

                        16 January, 1997

    First of all I would like to apologise for not having answered all the letters I have received. I just haven't had time! My ambition used to be to get in touch with all web masters before I added a link to their pages. Unfortunately I don't have time to do that anymore! Before I add a link I always check out the page and sometimes it is difficult to get through. That could be the reason to why your page didn't make it this time. Another reason could be that I decided that the page wasn't of general interest. The third reason could be that I simply missed it!

    Otherwise there are quite a few additions to the pages. The biggest news is that there now is a Swedish page with information for translators to and from Swedish and for translators living in Sweden. This page is only in Swedish. Now you can also navigate among the pages by clicking the nice little buttons at the top and bottom of each page. This means that you don't have to jump back to the first page all the time. There are new links on most of the pages and information about some new tools in the Tool Box.

    I would also like to proudly present my father, Bertil Falk's, home page! He has just published a new detective/thriller that has got very good reviews. Unfortunately that information is only in Swedish. But you can also read about science fiction writers that he has admired and met and Indian politicians that he has also admired and met!

    Last but not least I would like to inform you that I will be compiling a page with advice and hints for aspiring/new translators. I have received many letters with questions about how to get started as a translator, and I just haven't had time to answer them all. So if you have written to me and not received an answer my advice is to keep your eyes open around the new year! See you then!

                        1 December 1996

    Time certainly flies and suddenly it's six weeks since my last update. I am not finished yet, but there are a few new links now. The most noticeable change is that the information about translation companies, organisations etc. has moved to Translation Companies and Organisations.

                        18 October, 1996

    The links to the glossary builder tool, Lingo, have now been fixed and should work. Some of you have had problems downloading the search tool Examine. Please send e-mail to me if you have similar problems.

    Two days ago I wrote that nothing much has happened on the Brontė pages. Next I find out that Brontė Parsonage Museum now has Web site. Though I am sorry to say it is not very good. The pictures are far to big and most of the information is what you are not allowed to do in the museum and how much everything costs.

    But Web pages are not easy. I have known for a long time that my pages don't look as well in Internet Explorer as they do in Netscape. (I don't even dare to think what they look like in Mosaic etc.) I have made an attempt to fix them, but to be honest I think the pages have a life of their own - they don't behave at all as expected!

                        30 August, 1996

    Welcome back after the summer! Finally I've had time to update the pages. There are lots of new things on nearly all pages, but unfortunately not much new on the pages about the Brontė sisters. The biggest news there is what is believed to be the only existing photograph of Charlotte Brontė.

    In the beginning I got lots of "no" votes in the survey (below), but the last few weeks things have changed and at the moment "yes" is actually in the lead. (You can still answer the survey a bit further down). I don't think I will add any frames for a while (the thought of it!), but I can promise you more pictures as I have recently bought a scanner.

    This automatically brings me to the next survey. This time it is up to you to decide what hair style I shall adopt!

    Last I have to tell you that one of my e-mail folders has crashed - and it was, of course, the one where I kept all mail from the readers of my Web pages. So if you have sent me any information and not received an answer, please send me an other message.

                        28 August, 1996

    I am working on the backgrounds. The pages will look like this for the summer anyway, and then we'll see. There will only be minor updates for the next couple of weeks. I read all the mail I get, but I apologize if I haven't had time to deal with your request yet. It is simply amazing how time consuming maintaining a Web site is!
    The biggest change this time around is that the links to Tools and Software for Translators have been moved to the renamed page The Tool Box (rather clever, if I may say so myself!). There you will also find a new interesting Find Shell and Terms Management Macro for Word 6.
    I have recently upgraded my hardware which means that I don't have to disable Auto Load Images anymore when I am surfing the Net. Seeing all the nice pages with frames and icons and so on I get the urge to do the same thing to my pages. At the same time I don't want the download time to be too long. This is why I would like you to answer my little survey. If I find, after the summer, that too many can't view frames etc., I'll put the project on hold for the time being:

    Click one of the boxes (yes, I know it really should have been radio buttons, but I am much better at check boxes).
    If you click the wrong box, just click it again to remove the check mark.

    1. Rearrange the pages with frames and more graphic.
    2. Don't rearrange the pages with frames and more graphics.


                        18 June, 1996

    I apologize for the general mess. There are so many links on some of the pages that I soon will have to reorganise things again. I also have problems deciding on what kind of background to use. There are plenty of examples of interesting pages that are unreadable because of the cluttered background. So I will continue to experiment with different colors. Most of the updates today are on Language Links. And on Bits and Pieces you can find a useful link if you are going abroad or get a job offer from another country.
    Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you that the guestbook finally has been updated on general request (my father).

                        6 June, 1996

    Don't get alarmed if you can't find your way around my pages. I have updated and restructured some of the pages. It is all still there plus a lot of new links. The page about the Brontė Sisters has been divided into several pages. I have also reorganised Language Links to make it easier to find things.

    I have also finally got my new computer with a 17" screen (!) and I have, with some hesitation, customized the pages to suit it better. I am aware that those of you who aren't as lucky as me and still use 14" could suffer - please let me know if you think the readability has deteriorated.

                        29 May, 1996

    I've been away testing software in Amsterdam for a few days. At the Airport I bought a couple of computer magazines (as usual) and in one of them I found an interesting add for "personal fonts". You can actually order a True Type font based on your own handwriting! You'll find the link to the company on the page Bits and Pieces. Other pages that have been updated today are Language Links and Hints and Tools for Translators.

                        11 May, 1996

    There are a few new links, mostly under Language Links, Translators with Home Pages and The Brontė Sisters. I will restructure these pages as soon as I have the time to make them more lucid. There is a new section on the page about The Brontė Sisters with information about plays about the sisters. If you have any information that ought to be there, please let me know.
    So far nobody has managed to solve the mystery about my secret page. So here is another clue: As I've said before the key to the answer is on this page and it is the quantity that counts!

                        5 May, 1996

    Find my Secret Page!

    This is a small experimental competition. You can win a fine price (the honour of getting your name on this page). All you have to do is to find my secret page and fill in your name there! How you'll find it? The key to the solution is on this page. Good luck!

                        28 April, 1996

    The counter has passed a 1 000 and from as of yesterday my pages can be found via Alta Vista. What more could you ask for? I haven't had time to devote myself to these pages lately, but I've at least done a quick update today. I have quite a few interesting links that I plan to try out in the near future. Päivyt from Finland wrote and told me that some of the links didn't work and right he was. Please notify me if something isn't working.
    When I'm not translating I attend a programming class in Visual Basic. Inspired by this I wrote a, in my opinion, brilliant macro (the first I ever wrote as opposed to recorded). The macro enables me to search my glossaries with Examine without leaving Word - I just select the word and press a key! Clever, if I may say so, myself (I have just started programming, so bear with me).
    There are lots of things to think about when creating Web pages. Now when Alta Vista finally has found my pages I have discovered some interesting things. I realized that the text Back to Cecilia's Home Page shouldn't be at the top of the page. Instead there should be a brief description of the content of the page as only the first couple of sentences show up in the search result. I also discovered that a search for "Brontė" isn't the same thing as a search for "Bronte". As I have spelt their name correctly on all the pages, they are not listed at a search for "Bronte". I have solved this problem by adding a line at the bottom of all Brontė pages with the alternative spelling.

                        27 April, 1996

    The comments on my pages has now been moved to the guestbook where they rightly belong.
    Why not post an entry while you are there?
    If you are interested in the Brontė sisters, and also like sewing, I would like to recommend
    the new addition The Branwell/Brontė Samplers.

                        16 April, 1996

    The 12 of April I received a nice e-mail from M.L. Grant:

        Hi! You've been chosen as a "Best o' c.i.w.announce" site. While I'm moderating the Usenet newsgroup comp.infosystems.www.announce, I check all the URL's posted to make sure they work. I see about 30 or 40 sites every day; and if I think one is interesting enough, I'll put a link to it on the page at http://www.boutell.com/announce/
        Your Bronte sisters site will be visible on the page for a few more days.

    PS. c.i.w. stands for comp.infosystems.www. DS.
                        12 April, 1996

    Thank you for all the visits an positive reactions during the first month in the life of my home page! Have a look at some of the comments in the guestbook.
    In spite of "extensive beta testing" there were a few mistakes here and there. There was an error in the code for "Cecilia's Home Page" in the update form at the bottom of the first page. If you have submitted a request for notification when my Main Page is updated you have received an error message from URL-minder instead. The error message contains information about how to cancel the service: Go to URL-minder cancellation page and submit the cancellation code from the error message. Return to my page and fill in the form again. I apologize for the inconvenience!
    Many have found the information on the page Hints and Tools for Translators very interesting. I am planning to extend the page and add more information about viruses in general and the macro viruses in particular. If you have any information or hint that could be of interest, please contact me.

                      2 April, 1996

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